CMFIBEROPTICAL is founded at the end of 2013 from by group of entrepreneurs and managers with many years of experience in manufacturing industry, telecommunications.

    Mission of the company is to engineering to manufacture and to marketing fiber optic cables designed for internal and external applications (Home, Metropolitan , Motorway, Railway and Metro, Defense, and Oil and Gas Industry) . By creating innovative products for an constantly evolving market.

    With partners Tesmec, world leader in Trencher machines , with the ESIET Italian EPC and Petrofer expert in environmental remediation and demolition of obsolete or damaged equipment.

    Main markets are the countries of North and Midde Africa, with a focus on the Eau and Qatar, and Kuwait. The segment of the Italian market which is what you look carefully Telecommunications infrastructure in particular related to the wiring in parallel the distribution network of the national gas and the construction of infrastructures related to overcoming the digital divide.