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High Performance Services. High Techonology Solutions.
CMFiberoptical, your favorite partner in technology & telecommunication


1389908839_transport_train_railway_metroManufacturing of fiber optic cables suitable for the transmission of signals and alarms for communication, video surveillance and control infrastructure.


1389909360_warManufacturing of fiber optic cables for the services related to military use, for communication and for the control of any infrastructure.


1389909758_cityManufacturing of optical cables for metropolitan applications, such as telecommunications, and video surveillance traffic control and lighting.

Oil e Gas

1389909819_oil_refeneryManufacturing of fiber optic cables suitable for installation oil and gas pipelines, refineries and platforms, in oil sites usually control and management.


CMfiberoptical is located in Sardinia equipped to design and produce optical cables for the following markets :
City/Home, Oil e Gas, Motorway/metro/railways, Defense

Why chouse us?

The product quality
Customized product
Fast delivery
Service and testing on site
Competitive pricing